Market studies are a critical tool for evaluating and marketing biosolids and residuals products, and to plan for or expand hauled-in waste programs. Material Matters has experience completing market assessments for both residuals and hauled-in waste programs.

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Biosolids and Residuals Market Studies

Market studies for biosolids and residuals programs are valuable at any stage of a project – as part of Master Planning to aide in technology selection, or during ongoing program operations to understand how to improve product quality, or to reduce overall program costs.

During Master Planning efforts, we sit down with you to understand your specific goals – including costs, risk reduction, and sustainability. Once your goals are established, we use an integrated process which looks at regulations, product characteristics, and the local marketplace to identify the market/product combination that best meets your goals.

For clients who have a program in place and are seeking improved visibility, Material Matters assists clients with marketing their products by:

  • Conducting market surveys
  • Developing marketing material
  • Assisting with branding and logo development
  • Conducting product demonstrations with local businesses to gain credibility and business support
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Hauled-In Waste and High Strength Waste Studies

Utilities across the country are expanding hauled-in waste programs to increase revenue generation, produce renewable energy, and/or to achieve landfill diversion goals. Our team has experience conducting hauled-in waste studies in a variety of states and marketplaces.

During project start-up, we collaborate with you to identify the types of desired wastes, the level of processing you are willing and able to complete, and other operational considerations. Once we establish program goals, our team has the expertise to identify potential hauled-in waste sources, competition, and the market rate to allow you to make sound decisions for program start-up or expansion.

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