At Material Matters, we pride ourselves on understanding the regulations just as well – if not better – than regulating agencies. We work diligently to understand the permitting process so that you do not have to worry that the permit has been adequately completed. Our personnel have experience with preparing and submitting state and federal permit application packages. We also serve as our clients’ advocates and provide comments during major permit revisions that are likely to impact our client’s successful programs.

Water quality treatment plant.

Helping You Navigate the Permit Process

We have helped our clients obtain or renew coverage under existing Waste Management or Water Quality General Permits. Our team has also helped our clients develop new permits to fulfill clients’ unique operational needs.

During the permit application process, we collaborate closely with our clients to make sure their needs are met, and to help with responding to feedback from regulatory agencies. A sample of accepted permits application packages include:

  • WMGR
  • WMGM
  • PAG-07
  • PAG-08

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