Each day, wastewater treatment plant operators are faced with a new set of variables that can impact both the wet side and solids handling aspects of the plant. Changes throughout the treatment process can create poor biosolids quality, which includes malodor, poor stackability, and inconsistency, or even excessively high metals. See how we help optimize wastewater operations to help you meet regulatory requirements and enhance biosolids product characteristics.

Wastewater treatment plant.

Wastewater Plant Evaluations

At Material Matters, we are always eager to collaborate with you to understand your operational needs, and to create a high-quality process to generate a high-quality product. Our team has conducted many plant evaluations and has assisted our clients with product and effluent enhancements.

Our comprehensive evaluation includes a review of historical and current operational data and conducting site visits to evaluate current plant operations and laboratory analytical procedures. Based on our findings, optimization may include adjusting pumping or chemical feed rates, or adjusting sampling techniques.

Wastewater treatment plant.

How We Help

Material Matters has assisted our clients with biosolids improvement projects and offer a wide range of services to assist with biosolids quality improvement. Our biosolids quality work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Improving wastewater treatment plant operations
  • Performing dewatering optimization studies
  • Completing headworks loading analyses
  • Developing hauled in waste programs
  • Conducting odor evaluations
  • Conducting pilot testing
  • Assisting with permitting processes selected to improve biosolids quality

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