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Client: Derry Township Municipal Authority (for Brown and Caldwell)

Project: WWTP Modernization Capital Plan – Preliminary Design 2020
Project Type: Biosolids, Residuals, and Hauled-In Waste Market Studies
Industry: Utilities
Location: Hershey, Pennsylvania
Biosolids development timeline.


The Derry Township Municipal Authority (DTMA) has a long history of biosolids beneficial use, which has consisted of a variety of products including Class B liquid, Class B lime stabilized cake, Class A/EQ thermally dried granule, and, since 2016, Class B anaerobically digested cake. While the Class B program has been successful, DTMA engaged with the Material Matters team to understand  the market-based and regulatory risks events associated with the Class B beneficial use program and mitigation measures available to reduce the impact of existing or future risk events.

A farmer's tractor being prepared to spread recycled biosolids as fertilizer.


Material Matters developed a risk register to identify the risk events associated with DTMA’s Class B beneficial use program, with a focus on regulations, public perception, and economic variables.

Biosolids storage building.

Outcomes and Benefits

Mitigation measures for the highest scoring risk events primarily focused on optimization of the existing Class B land application program, and to a lesser extent upgrading to Class A/EQ thermally dried biosolids – only if the product was marketed into non-agricultural markets. This suggests investment into immediate upgrades to Class A standards may not be necessary for DTMA to maintain its ongoing beneficial use program.

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