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Client: Geo Specialty Chemicals

Project: Management of Industrial Residual Land Application Program
Project Type: Land Application Program Oversight and Administration
Industry: Food & Industrial Processors
Location: Allentown, PA
Alternative methods of waste disposal.


Geo Specialty Chemicals historically relied on landfill disposal for residual waste management. Landfill disposal was becoming increasingly costly and created substantial budgeting challenges for the company. Geo reached out to Material Matters to identify what, if any, alternative options were available for the product.

Odor Lab


Material Matters assisted Geo Specialty Chemicals with the development of a strategy for beneficially using an industrial treatment plant residual in agricultural setting.

To develop the program, we evaluated and characterized the residual, prepared the initial sampling plan, reviewed data generated from the initial sampling events, reviewed treatment protocols, prepared the PADEP application for statewide General Permit coverage, interacted with PADEP regarding feedback on the draft permit, located interested farmers, developed the farm management protocols, and assisted GEO with odor reduction strategies.

Land Application program application.

Outcomes and Benefits

Material Matters has successfully assisted GEO with the ongoing management of a land application program including managing application data, generating regulatory reports, and overseeing farm and storage operations. The program has maintained nearly 100% beneficial use, resulting in significant cost savings for the company AND a sustainable alternative for residuals management.

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