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Client: Capital Region Water

Project: Management of Class B Anaerobically Digested Biosolids
Project Type: Land Application Program Oversight and Administration
Industry: Utilities
Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
A farmer fertilizing a field.


As the cost of landfill increased, The Harrisburg Authority (now Capital Region Water) decided to seek a beneficial use alternative with a lower cost.

A farmer fertilizing a field.


Material Matters developed a self-managed beneficial use land application program, in which CRW retains control and oversight over the program while also receiving support for implementation by specialized supporting firms. Our team assisted CRW with both program start-up, and continued oversight and support. Self-managed program development includes specializing key components of the program – transportation services that are bid to local companies, land application services provided by the farmer, and Material Matters provides oversight of agronomic management and spreading activities and provides recordkeeping and reporting services.

A farmer fertilizing a field.

Outcomes and Benefits

Through the assistance of Material Matters, CRW has learned to manage the biosolids pile in a new way – successful for more than 10 years. Instead of paying one company to foster the land application management process, they have found that the sum of the individual parts cost less than a completely outsourced program.

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