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Client: Gettysburg Municipal Authority

Project: Management of Class B Anaerobically Digested Biosolids
Project Type: Land Application Program Oversight and Administration
Industry: Utilities
Location: Gettysburg, PA
Recycled biosolids being used as fertilizer.


In 2012, the Gettysburg Municipal Authority (GMA) employed Material Matters to provide the Authority with the services to transition from their expensive liquid hauling operation to a cost-effective, self-managed, Class B cake land application program.

Recycled biosolids being used as fertilizer.


During the program “start-up”, Material Matters located and qualified farms, assisted with developing transportation bid, and set up Material Manager, a data management system.

Tractor On Land

Outcomes and Benefits

Now that the program is successfully in full operation, Material Matters continues to assist the Authority with data management, developing agronomic rates, coordinating hauling events, assisting with annual reports and permit renewals, and assisting with plant operations. Our team also supports treatment staff with sample collection protocols and laboratory testing methods to ensure compliance with biosolids quality standards for beneficial use. The program has continued to be cost effective – and maintains 100% beneficial use.

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