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Client: Delaware County Water Quality Control Authority

Project: Development of Biosolids Management Bid Specifications
Project Type: Additional Services
Industry: Utilities
Location: Chester, Pennsylvania
Waste treatment facility.


Faced with new air regulations which would require the biosolids incinerator at the Delaware County Regional Authority (DELCORA) WWTP to be shut down during incinerator upgrades, the Authority needed an alternative option for the biosolids generated at the plant. Matters was employed by the Authority to assist with the development of the bid specification for the management of DELCORA’s wastewater solids.

Waste management facility.


Material Matters assisted with the development of the bid specifications including: the establishment of the list of critical parameters to include in technical requirements, development of the bid form approach and other general requirements (i.e., bonding), and preparation of the language for technical requirements. Additionally, Material Matters played a critical role in advertising the bid, participating with pre-bid activities, and assistance with the bid award and contract development.

A bar chart detailing biosolids production.

Outcomes and Benefits

The bid was a success, resulting in a reliable, beneficial option for solids management for the duration of the facility upgrades – eliminating the need for on-site stabilization AND landfill disposal.

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