Projects - Research

Philadelphia Water Department Phosphorus Index Assessment, Philadelphia, PA

When faced with potential for the implementation of Pennsylvania's Phosphorus Index, Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) hired Material Matters to evaluate the impact on its biosolids program if the Pennsylvania’s Phosphorus (P) Index were to become mandatory for farms receiving biosolids and other nutrients. Material Matters evaluated three PWD biosolids farms with respect to P Index prescribed nutrient management. The study concluded that PWD biosolids program should be able to accommodate P management if implemented in Pennsylvania, due to very low P solubility (from the addition of Fe containing water treatment residuals).

High Quality Biosolids From Wastewater - NTRY7R15, Water Environment Federation

In 2015, Material Matters was awarded the Water Environment Research Federation’s “High Quality Biosolids from Wastewater” project number NTRY7R15. This multi-year project will develop criteria that render a biosolids as a high quality biosolids product, and will use innovative techniques to assist in defining product stability, potential to generate odors, and ability to meet the customer’s requirements. Ultimately, the project will result in the production of a guidance tool for utilities to evaluate product quality, improve product quality, and, in turn, identify and assess regionally available markets for their respective biosolids products.