Projects - Innovative Use

Deep Row Hybrid Poplar Biomass Farming, City of Columbus, OH

Ohio Mulch Supply (OMS) is an environmentally conscientious landscape supply company firm that invests extra effort in promoting environmentally friendly practices. Material Matters was contracted to develop an approach to beneficially use Class B biosolids to grow trees for mulch on a 1,000+ acre property situated in Perry County, Ohio, assess the site suitability for beneficial use, develop a sustainable biosolids recycling program for the tree farm, evaluate appropriate permitting pathways for the project, and obtain permit approval for the recycling operation. Material Matters recommended an innovative technique for beneficial use of biosolids: Deep Row Hybrid Poplar Biomass Farming (DRHP), which facilitates “trench and go” operation where trenches are excavated, biosolids are delivered to the site and directly deposited in the trench and then immediately covered with soil.

Mineland Reclamation, Capital Region Water, Harrisburg, PA

The City of Harrisburg had been using landfill as the primary and only option for biosolids end use for over 15 years. As the cost of landfill increased and the reliability decreased, Harrisburg decided to seek a beneficial use alternative with a lower end use cost. To address these concerns, the City hired Material Matters to develop an innovative, low cost, beneficial use option for the City: mine land reclamation on Pennsylvania Game Commission land where coal was being re-mined. The project included in-depth interactions with the State Game Commission and PADEP for project approval and permit modifications. Material Matters also worked diligently to gain public acceptance from the community through correspondence with Township officials, organization of public meetings, and the development of a monitoring protocol approved by the community. Overall, the project was a success, resulting in a low cost, publically accepted beneficial use management option for the City.