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Material Matters was founded in 1997 on the premise that client needs are the highest priority. We are an environmental consulting firm that offers a wide range of experience in developing solutions for managing and recycling residuals, evaluating residuals programs, and acquiring regulatory permits. Our staff includes professionals with multiple skill sets to meet our clients’ needs, including a certified soil scientist, a professional engineer, environmental scientists, and experienced wastewater operators. Our clients appreciate our strong understanding of the regulatory system and awareness of their needs, which enables us to pursue each task directly and troubleshoot problems resourcefully.
Material Matters offers technical strategies and solutions in odor assessment, master planning, process improvements, permitting, marketing assessments, data management, bench and pilot studies, demonstration/research studies, phosphorus management, composting, water quality nutrient trading, and Environmental Management Systems (EMS).
Material Matters is a certified Woman Owned Enterprise.

An Innovative Approach

At Material Matters, your needs are the number one priority.

Material Matters provides a wide range of services, and our personnel work diligently to find solutions that will satisfy your needs. With Material Matters, you will benefit from our extensive experience, our creative approach, and our drive to achieve consistently high-quality results.


Experience: The Material Matters team members assert a combined work experience record of over 120 years in residuals management consulting, spanning a broad array of disciplines. Projects have included the development of biosolids and residuals management strategies and programs, odor identification and reduction strategies, Class A and Class B options studies, biosolids program independent auditing, composting projects, biosolids marketing, information (data) management, qualification of land application beneficial use sites, acquisition of a broad array of federal and state regulatory approvals related to residuals management, and biosolids program operation consultation – just to name a few.


Creative Approaches: Because of our in-depth understanding of the state and national regulations, Material Matters has a successful record in developing strategies and aquiring permits that are creative and unprecedented. For example, our firm was instrumental in conceptualizing the process that includes incorporating biosolids into growing, harvesting, and finding useful outlets for trees, and has permitted two of the currently operating tree trenching operations in the United States. We have also assisted various clients in developing individual and specialized beneficial use permits that meet their individual needs.


Efficient: The Material Matters team members work very efficiently and effectively. We strive to gather a detailed understanding of our clients’ needs at the start of each project, and to keep an open dialogue during the duration of the project to ensure our work meets client goals. Because Material Matters submits billings based on competetive hourly rates, our efficiency translates into an economic advantage for our clients.


Material Matters offers a range of services relating to all aspects of wastewater solids and residuals beneficial use, including product management, process optimization, demonstration trials and research studies, regulatory permitting, and regulation compliance. We serve private and municipal clients across the United States, most recently in the following states: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Ohio, New York, Tennessee, North Carolina, Iowa, and California. Services include:

  • Material Manager
  • Permitting
  • Pilot Studies
  • Research
  • Odor
  • Biosolids Quality
  • Innovative Use
  • Land Application Management
  • Solids Master Planning
  • Operational Optimization
  • Industrial Pretreatment
  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
  • Residuals Management
  • Nutrient Trading
  • Data Management
  • Biosolids Marketing
  • Requests for Proposals

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